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Philament Essence

19.00 € + VAT

Philament Essence is the third member of our modeling range. It is on the other end of the spectrum. It only contains the minimum essential additives, and has no coloring. Sanding is still easier compared to regular PLA. The surface finish of printed objects is still matte. Due to less additives, this material can be printed easier compared to Gypsum and Model. Object are stronger and more shockproof. Philament Essence has a light opaque tone, if thin enough it can be used for light installments.

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The product is winded on a transparent plastic spool. Philament products are packed sealed plastic and finally into an environmental friendly carton box and finally sealed plastic. Philament weight: 750 gram Packaged weight: 1100 gram Spool size: 200 mm x 55 mm Spool hub diameter:52 mm Box size:218 x 205 x 76 mm

Philament PLA

is a composite material which contains several ingredients: pigment, lubricant, filler, impact modifier. Modification resulted “softer” filament with easy to 3D printing characteristic even at lower temperature. The lower shrinkage compared to the most used filament will not deform, accordingly do not need printed bed. However, recommended with temperature to 30-60 C. According to the strong quality control from row material to the Philament roundness and very precise diameter tolerances resulted excellent 3D printing quality. Philament can be used with all common desktop 3D printers with FDM/FFF technology. Printing with Philament is easy and smooth.

Philament Pigments

Used pigments reach the best heat stability value according to DIN 54001. Light fastness stability measured by DIN 53388. In most cases the colour reach the highest value in weather fastness, according to the DIN 54001.

Food Approval

most of the row materials and pigments comply with regulation in EU countries (EC Resolution 98(1) and Commission Regulation 10/2011/EC). Our Philament and production process does not use hazards chemicals, minimizing the environmental impact, carbon foot print. Philament materials are RoHS certified and REACH compliant.



Philament products are made of natural ingredients and are easily biodegradable by composting.