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Philament Engineering black

45.00 € + VAT

This PLA-based filament offers enhanced possibilities for industrial applications. The thermal stability of objects printed with Philament Engineering is extremely high, they could bear up to 140 °C heat, without any heat treatment after printing. Philament Engineering is much more resistant to other external impacts also than normal PLA materials: it is a high impact and shockproof product. Therefore this is an excellent filament for printing objects that are exposed to such effects e.g. in industrial environments. Based on the tests, the printed objects do not warp and they keep their shape well. Thanks to this characteristics, Philament Engineering can be used for metal replacement also. The color of objects printed with Philament Engineering filament is matte. Printing temperature: 215 C, bed temperature: 100 C Available colors: white, black, blue

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Philament product is winded on a transparent plastic spool. Philament products are packed sealed plastic and finally into an environmental friendly carton box and finally sealed plastic. Philament weight: 750 gram Packaged weight: 1150 gram Spool size: 200 mm x 55 mm Spool hub diameter:52 mm Box size:218 x 205 x 76 mm

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