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Philament Cleaner

4.00 € + VAT

Philament Cleaner was designed for cleaning the extruder and the nozzle. This special filament incorporates short glass fibers thus removes staining and polishes the inner surface. Philament Cleaner has increased heat stability, 185-270 C. Recommendation of use: print about 20 cm filament which cleans the extruder. If the outflow material clean, it means that the extruder is also clean. In some cases a little bit more material is needed. The efficiency of the cleaning process could increase, if you just stop the printing for a while and then continue it. Regular use of Philament Cleaner reduces the plugging, increase the shelf life of the extruder. It is also strongly recommended if you changes often the different colored filaments or swap different raw materials.

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50 gram cleaning filament packed in plastic bag